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Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) are widely used for condensing exhaust steam from steam turbine to reduce the turbine exhaust pressure resulting in increased turbine output. Condensate is then sent back to boiler. Enthalpy drop/turbine work per unit pressure drop is much greater at the low pressure end of the turbine. This increases plant efficiency and reduction in steam flow for a given output. Condensing at low pressures also helps to recover high quality feed water and reduces the cost of feed water treatment. Strict restrictions for the use of cooling water and its limited availability at many locations has resulted in a growing demand for dry air cooler systems.

"A" type (roof unit) frame for smaller footprint.
Offered in Forced draft version , handling  cold air , means lesser volume and lesser power. Also easy maintenance of fan and tube bundle due to better access. Condensers using air as coolant have the distinct advantages of -availability of coolant in plenty.

  • No restrictions on plant location.
  • Air being normally non corrosive and exhaust steam inside tubes cost effective Carbon steel tubes can be used.
  • Outside fluid is air and is under low pressure resulting in thinner construction.
  • Danger of cross contamination is less severe and is easily manageable.
  • Air side fouling usually negligible.
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning.
  • Lesser maintenance.

Fin tube attachment in “L”,”LL”,”KL” and “G” types reducing bond resistance to heat flow.
Wind wall around bundle and between modules minimizing hot air recirculation. Air removal through ejectors including for hogging and holding.
ACC provided with suitable bundle frameACC provided with suitable bundle frame and support structures, Fan with or without speed control , Condensate storage with pumping systems, Instrumentation for Manual/Automatic operation etc..

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